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Robert Burks

This recording artist, songwriter, and composer has worked and works for many musical greats including Chicago’s very own The Chi Lites, The Emotions, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, Eddie Holman, Alexander O’Neil and more.


Robert's passion and dedication to music can be felt in every note he has written and every musical note he plays.


He released his Smooth Jazz CD 'Cut to the Chase' in the Fall of 2014.  Look for Robert's next series of albums to include the genre of  Rock, Blues, and NeoSoul

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Who Is The Man - Robert Burks (featuring Sharon Miles)

Sharon Miles


Since the age of four, Sharon Miles has been involved in singing, playing instruments, arts & crafts, poetry, photography and acting.


Sharon has had experience both on stage and behind the scences of numerous productions local and nationally. 


Her love for the arts is everlasting and Sharon recognizes its value to her personal and professional life.



No Venue Too BIG
No Location Too FAR
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We're Available to do it ALL

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D'VU (Dynamic Voices United)


RBJ Productions  

Sharon Miles and Robert Burks have joined forces to share their commitment and experience to bring THE ARTS & ARTISTS with diverse forms of artistic expression to the world by providing quality productions with professional integrity.



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