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Robert Burks with the Distinguished  Eddie Holman

"Hey There Lonely Girl" 

Robert Burks & HTB

(Tony Taylor and Calvin Whittaker) &

Blues Entertainer Great Mr.Shorty Mac

Robert & Sharon with 

Scott R. Vele

Executive Director of M.A.S.T

Blues Hall of Famer

Randy Jackson

Lady Red

Dee Burks, The Grand Master and Lady Red

Comedian Great Diane Corder


Lasalle Wilson


Chevy Debbie


Sister Quintella 


Sharon with 

Debbie Farris Executive VIP Host

&Jamie Blankenship VIP Host  

Caesar Entertainment - Las Vegas

Robert with the Legendary Marshall Thomas and The Chi Lites 

Robert with Keith Jackson

 Comedian Great

Diane Corder

 Shirley King

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